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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Eric teDuits     |    Dr. Allison Dowd

Eric teDuits, D.D.S.

Since graduating from the University of Iowa Pediatric Dentistry Program in 1992, Dr. Eric teDuits has established a private practice in the Madison area and with his wife Laura, has enjoyed raising five children who keep them very busy traveling to many events, especially swimming. Dr. teDuits’ oldest son, Drew, is a 2013 NCAA champion in the 200-yard backstroke from the University of Wisconsin. Along with traveling for the kids’ events, Dr. teDuits enjoys reading, fishing, golfing with friends, and taking walks with his wife.

Dr. teDuits serves as assistant clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in the Department of Pediatrics, teaching pediatric residents and nurse practitioner students. As a member of the Dane County Head Start Health Committee, he and his partners treat the majority of the area’s yearly 750+ Head Start children, provide services to developmentally and physically disabled, and continue to be one of the few providers treating patients with Medical Assistance coverage.

Finally, Dr. teDuits is professionally active at the local, state, and national levels. He is the former president of the Dane County Dental Society. He serves on the Wisconsin Dental Association’s Legislative Committee which helps educate state legislators about dental issues. At the national level, he is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and served as chairman of the Scientific Programs Committee.

Allison Dowd, D.D.S.

Dr. Allison Dowd is a Wisconsin native, growing up in Milwaukee. After earning her dental degree from Marquette University in 2001, she earned her certificate in pediatric dentistry from The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado in 2003.

Dr. Allison joined Children’s Dental Center of Madison in 2003, where she found partners that shared in her philosophy of providing excellent dental care to children and adolescents.

Madison has become a great home for Dr. Allison. She enjoys the outdoors and family time with her husband and two children.

Dr. Allison is a member of the American Dental Association, Wisconsin Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Wisconsin Society of Pediatric Dentists, Dane County Dental Society, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. She is also a Diplomat and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and serves as a trustee on the Dane County Dental Board, as the pediatric lead for the WDA Mission of Mercy, and on the Dean Medical Clinic cleft lip and palate team.

In addition, Dr. Allison is involved in the education of dentists at several levels. At the Max Pohle Dental Clinic at Meriter Hospital, she serves as chief of pediatric dentistry and is involved in the training of the residents. She has given lectures through the WDA for the Dental Home, and through Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin for treating patients with special needs.


Treatment Options

Nitrous Oxide
Outpatient General Anesthesia

Nitrous Oxide

Some children are given nitrous oxide/oxygen, or what you may know as laughing gas, to relax them for their dental treatment. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is given through a small breathing mask which is placed over the child’s nose, allowing them to relax, but without putting them to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recognizes this technique as a very safe, effective technique to use for treating children’s dental needs. The gas is mild, easily taken, then with normal breathing, it is quickly eliminated from the body. It is non-addictive. While inhaling nitrous oxide/oxygen, your child remains fully conscious and keeps all natural reflexes.

Prior to your appointment:

  • Please inform us of any change to your child’s health and/or medical condition.
  • Tell us about any respiratory condition that makes breathing through the nose difficult for your child. It may limit the effectiveness of the nitrous oxide/oxygen.
  • Let us know if your child is taking any medication on the day of the appointment.


Outpatient General Anesthesia

Outpatient General Anesthesia is recommended for apprehensive children, very young children, and children with special needs that would not work well under conscious sedation or I.V. sedation. General anesthesia renders your child completely asleep. This would be the same as if he/she was having their tonsils removed, ear tubes, or hernia repaired. This is performed in a hospital or outpatient setting only. While the assumed risks are greater than that of other treatment options, if this is suggested for your child, the benefits of treatment this way have been deemed to outweigh the risks. Most pediatric medical literature places the risk of a serious reaction in the range of 1 in 25,000 to 1 in 200,000, far better than the assumed risk of even driving a car daily. The inherent risks if this is not chosen are multiple appointments, potential for physical restraint to complete treatment and possible emotional and/or physical injury to your child in order to complete their dental treatment. The risks of NO treatment include tooth pain, infection, swelling, the spread of new decay, damage to their developing adult teeth and possible life threatening hospitalization from a dental infection.

Prior to your appointment:

  • Please notify us of any change in your child’s health. Do not bring your child for treatment with a fever, ear infection or cold. Should your child become ill, contact us to see if it is necessary to postpone the appointment.
  • You must tell the doctor of any drugs that your child is currently taking and any drug reactions and/or change in medical history.
  • Please dress your child in loose fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Your child should not have milk or solid food after midnight prior to the scheduled procedure and clear liquids ONLY (water, apple juice, Gatorade) for up to 6 hours prior to the appointment.
  • The child’s parent or legal guardian must remain at the hospital or surgical site waiting room during the complete procedure.

After the appointment:

  • Your child will be drowsy and will need to be monitored very closely. Keep your child away from areas of potential harm.
  • If your child wants to sleep, place them on their side with their chin up. Wake your child every hour and encourage them to have something to drink in order to prevent dehydration. At first it is best to give your child sips of clear liquids to prevent nausea. The first meal should be light and easily digestible.
  • If your child vomits, help them bend over and turn their head to the side to insure that they do not inhale the vomit.
  • Prior to leaving the hospital/outpatient center, you will be given a detailed list of "Post-Op Instructions" and an emergency contact number if needed.


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