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When you visit Children’s Dental Center, our goal is to create a positive and comfortable experience that will result in a life-long relationship of trust and confidence with you and your child.

We recommend that a child's first oral health visit take place 6 months after his/her first tooth erupts. This is an ideal time for our team to evaluate your child's oral, dental, and nutritional health, as well as to diagnose any problems which may exist.

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Fitchburg Office

5544 E. Cheryl Pkwy
Fitchburg, WI 53711
Phone (608) 288-1543
FAX (608) 288-0626
Email: south@madisonkidsdentist.com

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East Madison Office

5116 American Family Dr
Madison, WI 53718
Phone (608) 825-7500
FAX (608) 825-0010
Email: east@madisonkidsdentist.com

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West Madison Office

7001 Old Sauk Rd., Ste 200
Madison, WI 53717
Phone (608) 833-6545
FAX (608) 833-8516
Email: west@madisonkidsdentist.com

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